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Starr Cullars & the Enterprise

Review 09/10/99 From: Dr.Brookenstein

At the Woodstowne Niteclub - Wilmington, DE After a long day of agonizing & stressful work, I decided to unwind with a 20-minute train ride to Wilmington, Delaware to check out the funkiest rock performance by Starr Cullars & The Enterprise. I ran into Lige Curry and expressed my satisfaction with his latest CD release "Lige Curry's 4-Track Treasure Pt. II" At 10:40pm, Starr Cullars & The Enterprise started their first set at 10:40pm. "Red Alert" was nothing short of mind-blowing, liquidifying funk-rock shit! "Seduce Me" was a little different with some subdued guitaring from Lige.... of course, Lige used his guitar treble bar for the proper Hendrix effect. "Simply The Best" was wonderful with some noxious bass licks from Starr and edge-rock guitaring by Lige!! "Never Was Lover" is the vocal version of "Blastin' Off" (which Starr and the crew played at most of their other shows). The song starts with a seductive French vocal (by Starr)......Starr's bass is so funky! Of course, it doesn't hurt to have a funky drummer like Shawn Hill!! The first set ended at 11:40pm. The complete song set listing: Red Alert Starrgazing Seduce Me Darling Does He Really Simply The Best Soul Mate Never Was Lover I had to leave to catch the last train heading back to Philly, so I left the club at 11:43pm.

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